For over 20 years Powerplay has offered a unique mix of gymnastics, sports activities, birthday parties, and special events to children in Park Slope and surrounding communities. Contrary to many gymnastics programs, our goal is not only to teach gymnastics skills but to utilize them as tools for teaching life success skills.

We realize this important goal through:

  • Progression gymnastics classes, which begin as early as 12 months and continue through competitive Team gymnastics!  
  • Our unique offerings such as Rock Climbing and Ninja Warrior classes that provide opportunities for children of all interests to get active!
  • Our Playspace, custom-designed for Powerplay by teachers and child play experts!
  • Experience delivering over 3000 birthday parties and events for children and their friends!
  • Demonstrated success in our mission, with children going on to succeed in college, become professionals and even re-join Powerplay as coaches!

Our three separate spaces are designed specifically for younger children (upstairs) or more experienced children (downstairs) to allow for safe, natural skills progression.  At Powerplay we believe children learn best in a supportive environment that allows them to Explore, Discover and Play!